The art of electricity – What do electricians do?

Electricians have a wide range of skills and services to offer. Here’s an overview of their main roles.

The main purpose of an electricians job is to install electricity into buildings. They do this by being trained in following the correct safety procedures, making sure facilities have enough power to operate whilst ensuring the safety of the people around them.

Types of electrician Jobs

  • The list of types of electricians goes on, but there are two main types – domestic and commercial.
  • Most contracting companies such as Speedy Electrical in Brisbane offer both services, so it is important to know the difference between them.


Domestic electricians install and maintain the electricity in homes and smaller buildings that have domestic uses like household appliances and lighting.


Commercial electricians generally work on a bigger scale than domestic electricians, maintaining and installing the electricity that goes into bigger buildings such as workplaces, schools, factories and so on.

The responsibilities of an electrician

The art of electricity - What do electricians doWhilst the types of electrician can vary, the general responsibilities are the same.

Day to day, an electrician can be expected to read and review the blueprints of features like circuits, outlets etc.

They also plan layouts for example how to go about wiring a building and install electrical machines and appliances.

Often electricians will instal more basic equipment such as phones, computers and intercoms.

Most electrician firms employ apprentices, so training and guiding those workers is a big part of a fully qualified electrician’s role.

Different roles

In the electrician world, there is a difference in roles, you have maintenance and installation.

Maintenence is checking upon and in most cases fixing previous work. On a domestic job, this may be replacing old, broken equipment or installing new lighting. For commercial electricians, the maintenance work will be more constant, keeping up to date with generators or large scale motors.

Installation is an electrician is completing a new job, for example putting in circuits for a newly built building or installing a generator into a factory. Installation is often the most rewarding part of their job. Click to find out more about becoming an electrician


Tools are the most vital part of an electricians role. If they work for a bigger firm then the tools are usually provided saving them a lot of money, especially when a lot of tools are required for a job.